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Next-Level Coaching - Improve Your Performance. Training New, Intermediate and Advanced Treatment Coordinations.


"You’re not alone. Let’s work together to achieve your goals!"

Book your free coaching consulting with Laura Cafik-Martin now. Where a plan can be customized depending on your circumstances, experience and goals.

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Your Ortho Coach

  • Custom one-on-one TRAINING SESSIONS LIVE
  • Webinars on demand for a purchase

Example Lessons:

  • Opening consult verbiage: how to get everyone in the consult room on-board with the idea of ortho!
    Recommend booking a 20min session
  • Learning and understanding the consequence of malocclusion. This is a huge selling point and helps add value to the treatment you’re offering.
    Recommend starting with a 40- 80 minutes session
  • The Dominating Buying Motive is and what questions to ask. Without this, you could be selling the wrong treatment.
    Recommend booking a 20minute session.
  • Reviewing “The Better Binder System.” With your entire Team. There is a better way! This will help: Create better office systems/ Become problem solvers/ Improve team synergy/ Better patient experiences
    Recommend booking a 40minute session.
Your Ortho Coach
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Align Your Team

Informative Two-Day Immersion Program offered twice per year in Toronto, Canada.

I’m so proud of this course, working alongside Dr. Willy Dayan, Dr. David Walt, and Brittany Mark. It’s my number one recommendation for teams who want to grow their aligner orthodontic practice or their practice in general!

"Manley orthodontics was beyond impressed with this course! Laura, thank you for providing me the opportunity to grow, learn and blossom like flowers. This visit to Toronto was meaningful in so many different aspects in my life - it was exactly what I needed."

- Mikaela Tangeman, TC at Manley Orthodontics

Align Your Team
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TIO International

  • Exclusive offer for members only.
  • Contact Brooke McIntyre 206-999-2990 and Casey Bull 310-882-5424 for more info on becoming a MEMBER!
TIO International