Signature Program

  • TC Transformation - Level up with Cafik-Martin Group Coaching
  • 12-Month Masterclass Group Mentorship Program
  • Limited Spaces Annually

Hello Doctors! Welcome to my site. You know you are the best person in the world to move teeth. Your TC's are the best people in the world to move people. Yet when it comes to booking 100% of their consultations, there is a disconnect. Without knowing the fundamentals, they, unfortunately, are missing crucial steps. Consumers are not starting, leaving money on the table, and now these people are walking through life with a mouth full of problems. It is a problem and I have been on a mission, actively creating solutions, while educating and motivating teams to help fix this problem. After consulting for six years, visiting offices globally, I have created a step by step online, intimate group course to train and mentor your TOP TC's. I am as confident in my LCM Signature Program as I was telling patients the value of having orthodontic treatment with Dr. Dayan, as his TC for 17 years. The results are spectacular and I'll make sure the experience and journey are filled with motivational moments, loud laughter, and measurable growth. Like Orthodontics, this mentorship program is a partnership. Let's talk. I'm excited to start this magical journey with you!

Laura Cafik Martin

Joining my signature program will give your Treatment Coordinator access to

  • Professional master TC mentoring
  • Four master modules.
    • Digital orthodontics - Aligner communication, compliance, confidence, and much more!
    • Orthodontic education - Biomechanics, the importance of a proper bite and alignment, and understanding consequences of malocclusion to increase the value, urgency, and more!
    • Orthodontic sales - Understand the art of selling orthodontics and you! How to optimize opportunities and leads with proven results and more!
    • The importance of hospitality within your practice - A crucial business strategy not taught or focused on enough!
  • 21 short video lessons within the above modules with action plans and time to practice within your practice
  • Monthly follow up sessions to ensure successful implementation
  • An online monthly challenge within the group to encourage engagement
  • Google classroom community "The Better Binder System" to bounce ideas off
  • Additional webinars throughout the year
  • LCM scripts and worksheets
  • Quarterly reviews with doctors at your request
  • And access to ME!

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LCM clients have reported an increase in consultation starts by 5-30% translating up to a $100-$800K increase in revenue annually and helping more people experience the benefits that our profession brings! It is a no brainer!