Laura Cafik-Martin has worked with and trained under Dr. Willy Dayan since May 2003- giving her incredible insight into one of the highest functioning doc/TC dynamics and practices in the world.

- Catherine Howarth, TIO CFO & COO

You are inspirational, a leader, a mentor, a positive person that people are drawn to. Your energy and laughter are contagious. You are captivating ... and engaging .... if they can’t learn from your passion they are simply in the wrong profession.

- Shannon Bower, Procom National Account Manager

I've utilized Laura in a few of my offices on a one-on-one basis. She really takes what they do and takes it to the next level. What she teaches them is truly ground-breaking. I couldn’t recommend anyone higher than I do Laura.

- Marc Sullivan, Regional Manager Align

Laura has shaped me into the successful treatment coordinator I am today.

- Brittney Lodewyks-Riall, Walt Orthodontics

Laura is a fountain of information.

- Rosalba Longo, TC/Office Manager

Laura Cafik-Martin is truly an incredible resource for practices (especially TC’s). Her energy, personality and delivery are absolutely off the charts and make a memorable experience for all attendees each and every time!

- Mike Anastasi, Territory Manager – New England Region

Laura is fantastic! I would absolutely attend another one of her seminars! I wish she had podcasts; I would listen every day!

- Carolyn Hawkins, Texas TC