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Laura has 23 years of dental experience, she has spent 15 years of those years practicing alongside one of the highest acclaimed orthodontic educators, Dr. Willy Dayan as his Treatment Coordinator which has provided her with substantial insight. Laura is a certified dental assistant, is part of the TC Faculty Team with Align Technology and has over 100 lecturing/coaching/ in-office training engagements since first sharing her expertise in 2014. Laura’s product knowledge of Invisalign® and orthodontics biomechanics stands superior and has been accredited with maximum sales in the businesses of those who have requested her tutelage. Laura's motivational skills and techniques have improved team synergy, patient experience, and generated increased referral flow. HARP certified, dental photography, and iTero trained.

Working in the field of dental and orthodontics has been a lifelong passion for Laura. This coupled with her desire to educate and ability to connect with others, makes her a proven asset within the field.

Laura lives in Leslieville (the Williamsburg of Toronto) with her husband Chef Curt Martin, and her son, Actor Cash Martin.

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Cafik Martin Coaching

A resource for Orthodontic practices globally

Our clients will be able to conquer their consultations from anywhere in the world.

The goal of Cafik-Martin Coaching is to assist in improving the effectiveness, TC's knowledge base, and consultation approach. CMC will provide insights on increasing revenue and optimizing the referral base. A strong focus on educating staff on the consequences of malocclusion, principles of hospitality, human resource management, and capitalizing on individual strengths will enable staff to perform at their full potential. Recommending effective interview and consultation techniques result in an increase in consult conversions and an improved patient experience resulting in increased like-minded leads.


Signature Program

Join Laura's Private Training Academy.

Want to learn how to increase your starts?

There is a Yes-Way. Learn the simple strategic yes-steps to consultation success. Lessons, laughs, support, mentoring. Gain confidence, knowledge, and a better understanding of your value and the value you can bring to the profession we love. Be accountable and BE BETTER.

Limited spaces annually.

September 2020 cohort SOLD OUT!

March 2021 cohort SOLD OUT!

Registration Dates are Open. The Next Semester Starts September 2021 & December 2021.

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Keynote Speaker

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Known for her ground breaking content, passion for orthodontics, and laugh!

Laura Cafik-Martin has a vast presentation portfolio with over 100 speaking engagements over her career and across every province in Canada. She is an incredible resource for practices, especially Treatment Coordinators.

Her energy, personality, and delivery is absolutely off the charts and make a memorable experience for all attendees each and every time.

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In-Office or Virtual

Consult Observation and Assessments.

Step 1: Free 30-minute Initial Planning Session.

Step 2: Consult Observation(s) and Assessments | Virtual, Audio Recording, or In-Office.

Step 3: Customized in-office or virtual training session(s) to improve your strengths, your style, your approach, and outcomes!

Coaching session examples include: how to prevent no-shows, how to build a relationship fast, how to add value, educating patients on the importance of orthodontics, how to sell your doctor, your office, and your treatment, interview skills, presentation style, orthodontic knowledge skillset, aligner orthodontic knowledge, communication skills, the missing links to achieve more starts, AND more! YES, MORE!

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Client Love

Laura can motivate people to want orthodontic treatment better than anyone I have met worldwide.

Dr. Willy Dayan

1 / 9