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Laura Cafik Martin

Director of Orthodontics - 123Dentist


Global Speaker


Laura Cafik-Martin has 25 years of dental experience. She has spent 18 years practicing alongside one of the highest acclaimed orthodontic educators, Dr. Willy Dayan, as his Treatment Coordinator. He has provided her with substantial insight. Laura is a certified dental assistant, is part of the TC Faculty Team with Align Technology Inc., and has over 150 lecturing, coaching, and in-office training engagements since starting in 2014. Laura's product knowledge of Invisalign® and orthodontic biomechanics stands superior and has been accredited with maximum sales in the businesses of those who have requested her tutelage. Laura's motivational skills and techniques have improved team synergy, patient experience, and increased referral flow. Her desire to educate and connect with others makes her a proven asset within the field.

HARP certified, dental photography, and iTero trained.

In 2019 Laura founded Cafik Martin Coaching – offering niche consulting through mentorship-driven learning and training services for teams specializing in Invisalign products. Her business acumen combined with her motivational skills and techniques has led to her success as a results-oriented mentor in all aspects of the orthodontic practice.

In September of 2022, Laura joined 123Dentist as Director of Orthodontics. She works alongside Chief Orthodontic Operator Dr. Mark Hamanishi and the leadership team to grow the ortho channel and empower the 123Dentist community.

Laura lives in Leslieville, Toronto, with her husband, Chef Curt Martin, and son Actor Cash Martin.

Level Up With

Cafik Martin Coaching

A resource for orthodontic practices globally

Our clients will be able to conquer their consultations from anywhere in the world.

The goal of Cafik-Martin Coaching is to assist in improving the effectiveness, TC's knowledge base, and consultation approach. CMC will provide insights on increasing revenue and optimizing the referral base. A strong focus on educating staff on the consequences of malocclusion, principles of hospitality, human resource management, and capitalizing on individual strengths will enable the team to perform at their full potential. Recommending effective interview and consultation techniques result in increased consult conversions and an improved patient experience resulting in increased like-minded leads.

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Keynote Speaker


Since starting to share my experience in 2014, I've been featured at the AAO Meetings, Invisalign Ortho Summits, Invisalign Special Market Summits, ASO, NESO, GLAO, SSG, TIO Global, and over 150 Webinars, Study Clubs, and Training Events Globally. I am also part of the Faculty, Align Technology, Inc.

Available for:

  • 30 - 60 Minute Events
  • 4 - 7 Hour Full Day Events
  • Available for Collaborative Panel Discussions
  • Customized Office Experiences

Speaking to:

  • TC Teams
  • Leadership
  • Full Teams
  • Orthodontist and Doctors
  • Hygiene Clinics

"Known for her groundbreaking content, passion for orthodontics, and laugh! Laura Cafik-Martin has a vast presentation portfolio with over 150 speaking engagements over her career. She is an incredible resource for practices, especially Treatment Coordinators. Her energy, personality, and delivery are absolutely off the charts and make a memorable experience for all attendees every time."

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Customized Consult Assessments


Let's simplify your consult approach and get to the yes, faster!

I'll quickly identify the performance gaps and help you become BETTER.

  • Start to improve consult performance in 4 easy steps.
  • Initial Planning Session.
  • Audio Recording Reviewed, Consult Observation(s), and Assessments Complete.
  • Virtual customized training session(s) to help you clear the path and simplify your YES steps.
  • Successful training follow-up session.

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Client Love

Laura Cafik-Martin is truly an incredible resource for our practices (especially our TC's). Your energy, personality, and delivery are absolutely off the charts and make every meeting a memorable experience each and every time!

Mike Anastasi TM - Align Technology, Inc.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy Laura's (Cafik-Martin Coaching) content and even more, her passion and energy around incorporating Invisalign® treatment into practices. Her genuine belief radiates!

Tricia Ruppert RM - Align Technology, Inc.

Laura is a fountain of information.

Rosalba Longo, Office Manager

Within the first month of working with laura, I knew I had made the right decision. Her coaching was the best investment I've ever made for TC training and production growth. My TC team grew exponentially. I would do it again without hestitation.

Dr. Tarek El-Bialy

Laura can motivate people to want orthodontic treatment better than anyone I have met worldwide.

Dr. Willy Dayan

I would not be the orthodontist I am today if Laura were not my treatment coordinator during the last 20 years.

Dr. Willy Dayan

Laura changed my life! She changed our way of thinking!

Kim Groah Moore OM/TC

Laura has shaped me into the successful treatment coordinator I am today.

Brittney Riall, TC

After 8yrs in this business, I feel I have seen most of the big names in this space. I believe Laura Cafik-Martin is currently the best in the world.

Catherine Howarth - Chief Operating Officer, TIO

Doctors learn how to move teeth. Laura Cafik-Martin is teaching me how to move people which is equally important.

Dr. Immilia Eka