Signature Program

  • Are you ready to increase your starts by 25-100%? It starts with the YES. Join Laura's Exclusive 12-Month Mentorship Program
  • An Online Training, Education, and Support Program that will set you apart. Limited Spaces Annually

Hello Doctors! You know you are the best person in the world to move teeth. Your TC's are the best people in the world to move people. Yet when it comes to booking 100% of their consultations, there is a disconnect. Without knowing the fundamentals, they, unfortunately, are missing crucial steps. Consumers are not starting, leaving money on the table, and now these people are walking through life with a mouth full of problems. It is a problem, and I have been on a mission, actively creating solutions while educating and motivating teams to help fix this problem.

I have made a step-by-step online training academy to mentor your TC's. I am as confident in my LCM Signature Program as I told patients the value of having orthodontic treatment with Dr. Dayan, as his TC, for 17 years. The results are spectacular, and I'll make sure the experience and journey are filled with motivational moments and measurable growth to your bottom line. Like Orthodontics, this mentorship program is a partnership. Let's get started!

Laura Cafik Martin


Program Timeline

We'll start making you the star!

2 Weeks: Consult Observations and Assessment: Identify Skillset Level, Set Initial and End Goals.

The small steps we'll take together will get you further ahead than you've ever been before.

3 Months: Skills Development. Orthodontic education is the foundation: Learn How, Why, and When to leverage the consequences of malocclusion to drive value, urgency, and case acceptance.

3 Months: Aligner Orthodontics, "Ground-Breaking Lessons" Mark Sullivan, RM in Upstate New York.

3 Months: Not your Average Sales; Helping you Close on the Relationship, Build trust and drive family and friend referrals. Different from anyone in the World.

2 Months: Hospitality; The Modern Business Strategy Everyone will LOVE.

Program Includes:

  • Monthly Structured Private Zoom Sessions
  • Quarterly Customized Workbooks
  • Website Access to lessons and quiz questions for up to 20 CE Credits
  • Consult Observation and Assessment to Ensure Consistent Growth
  • Creating solutions to ensure we hit your Quarterly goals
  • Access to Laura via WhatsApp 24/7

Time flies; let's spend the next year improving your order of operation, interview skills, presentation skills, personality preferences skills, knowledge base, confidence, and your office's bottom line!

I will motivate you every step of the way.

Consistency + Accountability = Record-Breaking Result!

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